how to collapse bob stroller

How to Collapse a Bob Stroller

What is a Bob Stroller?

Actually, to know how to collapse a bob stroller, you must know what a Bob stroller is first.

Bob strollers have an interesting history since they evolved rather than being invented as a primary child stroller. The original intention was to create an innovative bicycle trailer that could carry supplies for bicyclists. As this proved to be a success, the next logical step was to modify these bike trailers so they could be used by parents who enjoyed jogging and running with their children.

Origin of the brand name

Initially, the concept of a sport utility stroller was born for parents who were avid trail hikers, and joggers came to mind. The name itself didn’t stick all that much, and a shorter term was created, calling these unique 3-wheel strollers BOB’ strollers. The name (Bob) was short for Beast of Burden’ and was soon coined but shortened to Bob due to possible conflict arising from a song that was made famous by The Rolling Stones.

Bob strollers have one wheel in the front and two in the back, making them easy to navigate in tight spaces. They are also rugged for off-road surfaces using larger wheels than a standard stroller. It’s no surprise that extra suspension is provided to make the journey for small children more comfortable with plenty of spring support. Since 2001, the Bob Stroller has come a long way for being so multifunctional.

Every Model is Different

Not every Bob stroller is the same; each model stroller evolves and improves. Indeed, the intent behind Bob strollers is to include a design that is meant for being an all-terrain stroller. These designs go beyond the typical sun shade canopies for children and more of the comfort of designs that allow for seat configurations. Most Bob strollers carry a single child, while others can take two at a time.

Bob Strollers

These model designs can also allow for car seat attachments instead of each stroller’s standard seat. Most importantly, the suspension system is often the center of attention, so jogging and running are never compromised. The safety features for strapping in a child always come with a secure seat belt harness system. This belt should include multiple configurations for handlebar adjustment, making it attractive for parents to steer.

How To Fold A B.O.B Stroller

The first step in folding up a Bob stroller starts with the basic tips. Park your stroller and lock the brakes in an area where you can take out your child first. It is then followed by taking out anything that’s inside your stroller (empty the stroller). Remove all items that could spill, including drink containers or snacks. Place them where they are safe before you attempt to fold your stroller for travel or storing at home.

Each stroller will have a different folding function depending on the model you own. Just follow the instructions of each model. Return any sun shade flaps to their upright position, so these aren’t damaged while folding and remove any add-on equipment that might get in the way when folding. Get familiar with how the folding buttons work and place your hands, so you aren’t getting pinched by folding or overlapping parts. The release buttons now should allow folding to begin safely.

Folding a Bob Single Stroller

Single Bob strollers are very simple to fold and collapse following these simple steps:

  • The first step is activating the parking brake found at the rear wheels’ back end.
  • Secondly, raise the handlebar and squeeze levers. This will release the upper portion of the stroller, so it folds inward.
  • After this, you will see a red pull handle release that you can pull, which folds the rest of the stroller towards you.
  • The red tug’ handle doesn’t ensure that the stroller will stay folded. So you also need to clip together the two red buckles at the front of the stroller to keep it from unfolding.

If you’re putting the stroller into a car trunk, you can remove the wheels to make it more compact. It isn’t typically a problem for larger vehicles like SUVs or cars with a big trunk. Compact car trunks may pose a space problem without otherwise removing the wheels.

Bob Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller and Alterrain Jogging Stroller

Bob single stroller

Both these two models have the same folding method since they are nearly identical to each other.

  1. To begin the folding process, lift the seat fabric the child’s legs usually cover and fold this back toward the main seat area.
  2. A yellow release button under the seat unlocks the folding mechanism.
  3. Grabbing the bar and pulling this upward will make the stroller fold back onto the stroller frame.
  4. It automatically locks into place and uses the handlebars to act as a stand so it doesn’t fall back over.
  5. A release handle on the side can release the standing lock, so it unfolds once again and turns into a stroller.

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller and Rambler Jogging Stroller

Bob Gear single stroller

To fold this model stroller, you will always need to engage the parking brake before folding can begin.

  1. Raise the handlebars, so they are neutral at the 90-degree angle toward you.
  2. Underneath the handlebar are two squeeze levers on both sides. Squeeze the levers to fold over the top half toward the seating area.
  3. After this is tucked inward, you’ll see the red pull ‘tug’ handle that completes the rest of the folding.
  4. The entire stroller is then flipped forward, so you have the seat section underneath the rest of the stroller.
  5. Now you snap the two red buckle snaps so the stroller doesn’t unfold by accident.

If you need to remove the wheels for tighter trunk or storage spaces, these unsnap from the stroller are just as easy.

We will show you how to fold up a single bob stroller in this video:

Folding a Bob Double Stroller

bob double stroller

Bob double stroller refers to Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller. It’s the only double stroller of the Bob brand designed for two kids.

  1. Starts with squeezing the two release levers underneath the handlebars. Then push the upper half of the stroller to fold inward toward the seating area.
  2. The second step comes from pulling on the red ‘tug’ handle behind the rear wheels. It releases the second fold toward you and rests the stroller on the ground.
  3. Only one more strap is connected at the front with a red click snap. It secures the front wheel to the rear axel and is cinched up to keep it nice and snug.

Unfolding this is practically the same step as pulling the red tug handle to resent the wheels back up again and unfolding the upper seat, so it locks back into place.

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How to Fold Bob Stroller with Car Seat Adapter

BOB Gear Travel Systems

Parents who have purchased a Bob Stroller that is either the single or double stroller model will immediately notice two separate socket holes for the adapter already built into the seating area. The bar that allows the car seat adapter will slide into these two holes and snap into place on each side. It also has depressing buttons on each side of the socket area to release the adapter bars for each side as well.

This adapter bar is what will now allow a baby car seat to snap into the space where a child would normally sit. You will likely want to fold your stroller when the car seat is removed. It is not a problem even if your adapter bar is still locked. What you do first is all part of remembering each of these steps:

  1. Make the handlebars straight, so they point out from the frame at a 90-degree angle. Make sure it’s sticking out straight along the bar that runs along the back of the stroller.
  2. Grab the release grips underneath the handlebars and grip them to unlock the mechanism so it can fold forward. The handlebars will now touch the front wheel of the stroller.
  3. The critical adjustment to the handlebar will further collapse this unit. So you will need to adjust the handlebars so they angle back into the stroller toward the headrest where your child’s head would be. You could do the before you fold the upper half, but this is up to your preference and overall height.
  4. The red pull tug’ handle is the final step in folding this stroller into itself and may need a strong tug if you have a double stroller model. The stroller will fold over onto itself even though the car seat adapter is fastened.
  5. Now, you readjust the handlebars back toward the front wheel so that it will sit flatter on the ground. The clips at the front of the stroller wheels will then clip together so the entire stroller won’t move around when it’s being stored or travelling in your car.

Things to Remember when Collapsing Bob Stroller

Some of the most important things to remember are the little things that you never consider might be a problem. Here are some tips to make collapsing a Bob Stroller safer and easier:

  • Always ensure the parking brake is on whether or not you are taking your child out or folding the stroller. It keeps the stroller steady if there’s an incline or surface that makes your stroller roll away from you.
  • Remove your stroller items from all pockets that aren’t otherwise secured. Removing these items will make them lighter to lift and put into a trunk. It’s too easy to forget your smartphone if you place it into one of the pockets. It can also include a sipper cup that could leak everywhere.
  • Folding parts that fold over are hidden dangers for fingers that can easily be pinched. Always grip the handlebar to keep your hands clear from folding spots. Keep an eye on gripping releases that need to be held in place to release the upper half of a stroller. Also, the grip releases can further pinch your fingers if you aren’t gripping them correctly.
  • Pull tabs that are often called ‘tug’ handles don’t need much effort to release the folding of the main mechanism but are better when you use a sharp tug to get the best leverage for folding the stroller. This mechanism can get sticky after some time from dust or particles that come from dusty trails. Be sure to wipe down these areas often with a wet wipe.
  • Always secure the front snaps that keep a stroller secured after everything is folded. Unless you have a model with a built-in locking mechanism, such as the Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller and Alerrain Jogging Stroller, you don’t need to attach red secure snaps.

Why Choose a Jogging Stroller?

Naturally, parents who keep healthy from jogging and running will love purchasing a jogging stroller. Not every brand of jogging strollers is best-suited for uneven or bumpy surfaces, so Bob strollers are always the better choice. These are built to have wheel suspension that doesn’t make an infant feel uneasy while they’re inside the seat. And though this isn’t so noticeable on sidewalks and asphalt, gavel and dirt paths can be bumpy.

You want to choose a model that will meet your needs for each of the available Bob models. It includes selecting a model that allows for infant car seat attachment. But remember that running and jogging with an infant is certainly not advised until your child is old enough to sit in a Bob stroller that can hold up their head. Bob strollers are meant to be safe, and not every car seat is designed to hold an infant laid on its back.

Conclusion – How to Close a Bob Stroller

We hope you’ve learned some new tips on how to break down bob stroller before purchasing one for yourself. Many of these tips and tricks will make any owner of a Bob stroller feel more confident for folding them up and storing purposes. Whether or not you are transporting your stroller from place to place or simply folding it down wherever you aren’t using it. These tips can be easily learned and taught to anyone who will show how these steps work if you decide to give your stroller to parents after your kids have grown up.

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