best stroller with standing platform

5 Best Strollers with Standing Platform in 2022

Top 5 strollers with standing platform in 2022

The endless list of options and models can become an endless rabbit hole of choices when looking for the best strollers with standing platform. As far as making the right decision, it pays to read about stroller suggestions that provide plenty of function and versatility. Here are five potential stroller recommendations that may help you find the best stroller with high quality for your active parenting lifestyle.

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1. Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 – Most adaptable stroller with standing board

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller
Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Features: Best of all

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 is adaptable for new families with little kids that need special seating requirements in your stroller. This model boasts excellent maneuverability and is easy to push around on many surfaces. Despite some obvious flaws in the design, there will always be extra add-ons to make this stroller more ideal for your family.

Here’s what we found with the Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller:

This stroller can carry two kids simultaneously in a variety of options that are customized to your preferences. It’s also a good stroller for parents who have just one child but are expecting a new baby that’s on the way.

Another great aspect of this stroller is perfect for growing newborns up through 2.5 to 3 years. The cut-off age is likely when your child is too big for the stroller seat.

How can we use this stroller?

The configuration allows two children to sit in two stroller seats, a bench seat, and a standing platform. You can further connect it with other Graco accessories to configure two infant car seats. The infant car seats are sold separately.

best double strollers with standing platform - Graco Ready2Grow LX
4 sit and stand options

The total weight of this stroller is only 32 pounds which makes it easy to put into the trunk of a car. It’s recommended to hold no more than 50 pounds or two children that are no heavier than 25 pounds per child.

This stroller will support Graco car seats that are not sold with this model. They are compatible if you buy infant car seats or child car seats that adapt to this specific model. You will need to consult with accompanying products recommended by Graco to fit and attach to this particular stroller.

The manufacturer designed this stroller as a double-seater configured to grow as your kids grow. It folds up just as simple, just like a standard single-seat stroller. You can remove each of the items attached to this stroller to change the seating needs as you like.

  • Opening and closing the stroller is effortless, only requiring minimal effort.
  • The sitting or standing configurations that can be adjusted are good for growing kids.
  • An excellent solution for families with two small kids of different ages.
  • Does not fit so easily in the trunks of smaller economy cars
  • Not recommended for any parent who is 5′ 10″ or taller, so it’s better for shorter parents.
  • The storage pouch underneath the stroller is hard to access if both seats are attached.

2. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller – Most lightweight stroller with standing platform

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Features – best for budget

It’s nice to know that this stroller design was considering adding built-in cup holders for both the parent and children. This stroller excels with sunscreen protection with the adjustable canopy and has a storage area that is very easy to access. That is not to say someone should bring up focal points so you can counter potential problems that come with this particular tandem stroller.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra stroller can seat two children but is more than perfect for single families expecting another child. The seating arrangement seats two children back to back, with the rear seat being set up more like a bench seat than the front seat. Both seats feature 5-point harnesses.

Another point to know is that this Sit N Stand stroller is meant to seat newborn or young infants up through toddlers. So technically, an infant older than 2 to 3 months would be good up through toddlers who are 2.5 to 3 years of age. This also depends on how fast toddlers grow and if they can sit comfortably in the rear seat.

How can we use this stroller?

The seating configuration comes with a standard back-to-back seating arrangement. The front seat is best suited for younger infants, while older kids sit in the back. You can swap out these seats with Baby Trend car seat models that will fit onto this stroller. With the car seats, this stroller will not fold up the same way as the standard seats and the car seats need to be removed before the stroller is folded up. While this would not be the best sit and stand stroller, you won’t miss the stand-on option.

The total weight of this ultralight stroller without any added add-on equipment is 26.8 pounds. The maximum weight for each child is no heavier than 25 pounds per child, with a maximum recommended weight limit of 50 pounds for the stroller itself. Remember that extra supplies such as drinks and diaper bag items are also added to the stroller weight.

This stroller can also add car seats purchased separately from this stroller design. These car seat sets will fit onto this stroller and are recommended by Baby Trend products, which only attach to this stroller model.

One of the highlights of this stroller is the built-in spring-loaded suspension system on the front wheels. There is no suspension system for the rear wheels, which doesn’t need much cushion. This stroller easily folds up and stores within a car or vehicle storage space. Smaller cars will need to place this stroller within confined spaces carefully.

  • It’s good for young families with one or two small children looking for a decently priced double stroller.
  • At least 6′ or shorter, tall parents will not have any problems pushing this stroller.
  • Great for getting sunshade canopy to ensure your kids aren’t in the direct sunlight.
  • The car seat add-on needs to be from Baby Trend and is not compatible with other models. Only use an infant car seat for the front section.
  • The wheels don’t come with adequate wheel grease, so bring WD-40.
  • Drinks in the drink trays need to have covers or sipper tops to prevent accidental spilling.

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3. Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller – Best single to double stroller with stand

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller with Glider Board
Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller with Glider Board

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Features – Most Versatile

It’s fair to say that this stroller does not come standard with a Buggy Board and must be purchased separately. Aside from this, some excellent features make this an ideal conversion stroller that can be configured to seat two children. It is not ready to go as a dual-seat stroller, so these additional add-ons are not included. The most vital point of this design is that it will accommodate all the accessories attached to this model.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX is specifically meant for a single child bet can be further customized for adding a pram or extra second seat kit. There is also a bench seat kit for larger kids and a shopping tote for carrying groceries.

It is also ideal for young babies and toddlers ranging from 3 months up through 3 years. Depending on the added accessories, this will be ideal for families with two small children seated on this Baby Jogger stroller.

How can we use this stroller?

At least 20 different customized options are good for this stroller. The standard configuration already features a single child stroller seat with an option to add the Glider Board for a standing child. Baby Jogger is one of the best sit-and-stand stroller options despite this being an extra tack-on item.

double strollers with standing platform - Baby Jogger City Select LUX
20 sit and stand options

The total weight of this stroller is 34.9 pounds which will accommodate up to 45 pounds extra. You can divide the stroller into two children who weigh no more than 20 pounds each if you consider the extra add-ons added to this model.

What you’ll find is this model will allow an infant car seat to connect to the upper handlebar assembly, but it is an extra option that you purchase extra. This isn’t the worst part since you must remove the car seat if you want to store and fold up this stroller.

This stroller is great for strolling through every urban environment with sidewalks and slightly uneven surfaces. It can travel over light gravel, and compact sol since the wheels are large enough to handle these surfaces. It can easily fold up with little effort and stash away into small trunks without worry.

  • Because the wheels are bigger than most strollers, this gives this stroller great mobility.
  • This is perfect for kids with age gaps from infants to toddlers who can walk independently.
  • Parents can access the storage area easily, with minimal effort or restrictions to store stuff.
  • This stroller is a lot heavier than most strollers on the market, being that it is nearly 35 pounds, not counting any add-ons.
  • Add-on equipment will be just as pricy as this stroller is.
  • Learning to fold the stroller is tricky and takes some muscle to fold effectively.

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4. Chicco Bravo For2 – Best sit N stand jogging stroller

Chicco Bravo For2 Standing Sitting Double Stroller
Chicco Bravo For2 Standing Sitting Double Stroller

Chicco Bravo For2 Features – Roomy, travel-friendly

One of the more attractive features of a double stroller is when the design is well thought out and has everything that works in your favour. Bravofor2 does require some additional add-on accessories if you’re looking to add a baby seat or other conveniences. You can’t intermix attachments unless they are all Chicco products and accessories. As far as overall design, this stroller is made for new parents.

It’s meant to have two kids ride along in this stroller with many configurations that come standard with this model. It already comes with a glider board stand that also works as a footrest. You can add the toddler car seat for younger infants, which doesn’t come with this model. The front seat is for smaller kids, while toddlers can stand up in the back.

The front seat is intended for young kids that are one year or older that can sit up without problems. But you can attach stro items for infants when adding reclining infants to this stroller. The stand-on back is for standing toddlers 2.5 years and older.

How can we use this stroller?

There is one sitting position in the front of the stroller and a standing spot in the rear. You can modify Chicco Bravo For2 further with additional accessories meant to change the seating configuration on this stroller.

As lightweight strollers go, this model will only be 26.6 pounds without any additional equipment. The total amount that can be added for overall supporting weight is 40 pounds. This needs to be calculated from additional equipment and the total weight of two children that should weigh less than 15-20 pounds each.

Bravofor2 will support only one infant car seat that will be a separate attachment onto the stroller itself. Other attachments can go on but aren’t applying so much to car seat applications. Chicco is another favourite for offering the best strollers with standing platform options.

One highlight about this quality stroller is its excellent design that will fold up into a nice tidy bundle with not much effort. This stroller will fit into a trunk with no extra rearrangements, even with smaller cars. It’s also very lightweight to pick up and isn’t as heavy as other stroller models.

  • This stroller can handle all types of terrain, including gravel, small rocks, and uneven ground.
  • Great maneuverability allows this stroller to move in compact spaces.
  • Immediate access to the storage underneath the stroller is a big plus.
  • The wheels can get dusty and dirty, so using a can of WD-40 will help keep the wheels properly lubricated.
  • The cup holders might not fit the type of container that goes into the holder.
  • The front seat does not recline as much as some parents would like.

5. Joovy Big Caboose Graphite – Best double stroller with stand for third child

Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Triple Stroller
Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Triple Stroller

Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Feaures – Sit and stand stroller for 3 kids

When they say two is company and three is a crowd, this stroller is certainly a good argument for a growing family that has it all. The folks at Joovy have created an excellent option for three kids in one stroller. The nice part is that it can accommodate young infants that will later be able to sit in the front seat or stand on back. One more example is a great option for growing families that need roomy strollers.

This design will seat two children comfortably with a standing spot in the rear end of the stroller. Other options will allow a different configuration to replace the front and back seats for infant car seats. This also allows for a third child to stand on the back with plenty of room to spare, making it the best sit-and-stand stroller in this category.

Starting with infants from 3 months up to 6 months who can lay inside reclining car seats, the manufacturer further customizes this stroller to allow for two sitting children from ages one year up to 2.5 years. The stand-on portion is best for toddlers who can stand independently when they reach two years or more.

How can we use this stroller?

There are two sitting positions with one standing position unless you change the front seats to attach infant car seats over each seat location.

You can purchase the added accessories separately. And need to take it off to fit into the backseat of any car or vehicle.

The total weight of this stroller is only 28 pounds which is very lightweight for how many kids this stroller can carry. It’s worth noting that this stroller can carry heavier growing kids with the rear seat able to handle 45 pounds and a front seat up to 40 pounds. Considering that infant car seats add weight, this is ideal for handling the added pounds that car seats usually tack on.

Only infant car seats from the same brand name can be attached to this Joovy stroller; otherwise, they will not match the attachments that go with them. Don’t attempt to attach other car seats to the Joovy stroller since crossover conversions aren’t as safe as the recommended product.

This stroller will be a lot bigger than most strollers when folded up. Any parent who has a small car will not be able to fit this stroller into their trunk. The ideal storage for this stroller is better suited for minivans and larger vehicles. The frame for this stroller is heavy-duty to handle the amount of weight being placed on the stroller.

  • Good for growing families who want to have three kids in one stroller
  • Outstanding storage underneath the stroller for lots of supplies
  • Despite looking so bulky, this stroller folds in seconds for storage.
  • Because of the size of this stroller, it can be considered hard to control or maneuver around on sidewalks or corners.
  • You will need to have adequate strength to use this stroller on any surface.
  • It can be considered too big for your average car trunk.

Final Thought

When looking for the top strollers with a standing platform, the selections found in this review are just a matter of what appeals to your needs. Not every parent will be crazy over standing platforms or kickstand, but most toddlers who are standing on their own will love the thrill. The best solution is to find additional safety features that include safety harnesses that can be modified so standing kids won’t accidentally fall off a standing platform.

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