Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

This is a review of Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller.

Have to manage two kids? It’s quite tough. But you can make it easy by Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller.

Easily travel with 2 infants, 1 toddler and 1 infant, or 2 small toddlers with this Chicco double stroller.

It’s a mid-range stroller. It is a permanent double and is not a removable rumble seat.

Additional Specs:

  • Assembled Dimensions: 47.25″ x 45.5″ x 23.5″
  • Folded Dimensions: 47.75″ x 23.5″ x 16.75″
  • Product Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 40 lbs.

It has two removable little hoods, which are excellent—a full three-point harness for each seat. And both seats have a semi-reclined, not a full recline, so a bit of tilt is fine.

You can also put the car seat in either seat when you have the space bar. And the space bar can be changed out for cups.

chicco cortina together stroller car seat combo
Chicco Cortina Together Stroller Car Seat Combo

I’ll change it very easily. It is nice if you have an older child who can get in and out of the seat by themself. They can climb in.

On top of that, it’s not heavy. The wheels are made of foam and they are pretty solid. You can lock them with one click.

The basket is enormous. Great foot rest in the inside (right in the basket) so that your child is not actually standing on top of your stuff. I really like this. The basket does unzip in the back. So if you want to access something, you can unzip it.

About the cupholders, these are a little small. I think that maybe having the exterior attachment that I can link that i’m used in other places. But it is a good place to put your phone, honestly.

The handlebar moves all different spaces. So whatever your height is, it’s comfortable. So it’s got a good grip.

And when it comes out you can easily see the kids. Yet there’s no way to see through the hoods, which is a little bit of a problem. So you do have to kind of move up a little bit if you want to see your child while you’re moving.

And there’s no configuration ability. One hand snap which is nice. Squeeze it, pull up, and it is down. And that’s how it folds up. It does not fold small, so you need a whole big back of your car.

If I were buying this stroller, I would measure the trunk of my car because this is not going to go in a standard car as big as it is. Because it does not come apart, you can take the hoods off a little bit. It might buy you a tiny bit of space, but it’s not going to buy much.

Chicco Cortina Together
Chicco Cortina Together

Finally, I will tell you something nice about the stroller:

  • It is not heavy. So I’m used to a beefy stroller one hand. This stroller weighs roughly double what that stroller weighs. The frame on this stroller is extremely heavy.
  • For its price this is a fantastic deal. It is. It would be great a comparable double if you were to go to the city or the Britax. You’re ready to go at such a price, and you even have the cupholders, which are additional costs with everything else.
  • I highly recommend it if you are not a daily stroller user. I say that because this stroller is not as easy to push as your higher end with the big frames.
  • And the shocks, you don’t have a lot of shocks. It’s a little rumbly. but that’s because it’s not as heavy.
  • But for the price it can’t go wrong. The Chicco Cortino Together Double Stroller is quite a long name but a good stroller on my book.
  • I recommend it for those people who are not daily stroller users or anybody who cannot take the weight of a heavy-duty deluxe stroller. Those strollers are heavy. This is not heavy.
  • The Chicco company did shorten the stroller’s frame, so if you pull this handle up the frame distance. And you don’t have the front bar. You have these cups; you can meet theme park requirements as well. they shaved off three inches on this year’s model . so that’s something nice too.

So that’s the Pro and Cons about Chicco Cortino Together Double Stroller. Please consider your own specific situation before deciding whether to make a purchase decision. Thanks.

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