Umbrella Attachment for Stroller

Best Umbrella Attachment for Stroller

Do you know how to attach umbrella to stroller?

Have you ever considered purchasing an umbrella attachment for your stroller?

Once you do, you might find that it can make things a lot easier for you and anyone else in your family when you’re travelling with a little one in the rain.

Here are five excellent umbrella attachment for stroller which can keep you and your child dry and safe from the weather. Each stroller umbrella attachment may or may not come with umbrellas, giving you more freedom to choose an umbrella that suits your style.

Moreover, if you’re in the market for a new stroller umbrella attachment, be sure to measure your stroller first. Different products are compatible with different kinds of strollers. Check out our blog below for more info!

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1. Starry City Umbrella that Attaches to Stroller with Adjustable Clamp

STARRY CITY Baby Strollers Umbrella with Adjustable Clamp
Starry City Stroller Umbrella with Adjustable Clamp

Starry City has an accessory that will offer many features when looking for a great sun-proof parasol with a clip-on handle. It’s intended for most strollers, but it’s essential to determine if the umbrella specs will fit your stroller. Here is what is featured:

  • 30-inch diameter umbrella that can be folded up for storage.
  • It offers 98% UV-resistant polyester material in blue or pink on the outer surface.
  • Two adjustable 360-degree elastic steel bands on each end to angle the umbrella over your child.
  • An adjustable clamp for attaching to stroller rods or frame connections expands from 0.6 inches to 1.2 inches.
  • Umbrella rods and bones are made from stainless steel with moulded plastic hardware and grips.
  • Easy-grip knobs for adjusting tightness for angle and clamp attachment.

Pros and Cons

  • This product is currently in stock and ships right away
  • Can be used for pets travelling in rolling pet carriers, children’s wagons, or folding chairs
  • Two 360-degree adjustable steel bands can adjust for any sun angle
  • Lightweight, compact, and ideal for very sunny days
  • There is a price difference between the blue and pink outer colour
  • May not fit all strollers that have attachment points over 1.2 inches
  • Do not over-tighten the clamp grip since the screw threads will start to break
  • The 2.6-foot diameter umbrella may not be enough cover for some parent’s liking

2. Nakazawa Universal Baby Parasol – Stroller Umbrella Attachment

Universal Baby Parasol
Nakazawa Universal Baby Parasol – Umbrella Attachment for Stroller

Nakasawa has an umbrella solution that is perfect for small kids but can be used for many other umbrella applications. It will attach to any rod mounting point on strollers or fixing points for beach chairs or railings. This umbrella is available in 5 colours and has no price difference. Here are more features in detail:

  • This umbrella covers over 3.1 inches of sun shade in minutes. It will prevent up to 99% UV rays using polyester material in 5 different top surface colours.
  • You can store this umbrella in a 2-piece set that assembles into an adjustable umbrella cover.
  • There is a single elastic steel band at the mounting point to adjust the umbrella over a child.
  • Umbrella rods are made from stainless steel as well as moulded plastic hardware
  • It will attach to all attachment rods no bigger than 1.5 inches with a grip knob to cinch it into place.
  • This comes with a portable travel bag for mounting clamp and umbrella cover sleeve.

Pros and Cons

  • Sturdy enough for rain or shine but better suited for light or breezy days
  • Large umbrella gives excellent overhead cover with plenty of adjustment room
  • Umbrella attaches separately to mounting clamp, so only umbrella needs to be stored
  • Can be used for children’s strollers or any other umbrella shade that’s needed
  • The weight of the umbrella tends to wobble back and forth on some strollers
  • The clamping attachment can break if over tightened
  • There is a second clamp that adjusts angles that may be too small for some hands to adjust
  • This umbrella is not recommended for windy days

3. Yobee Stroller Umbrella Holder – Umbrella Attachment for Stroller

Umbrella Mount Holder
Yobee Umbrella Mount Holder

This heavy-duty umbrella mounting system is perfect for dual baby strollers and many more umbrella applications. It’s also a two-stage mounting stand system that allows greater access to rounded mounting rods. This mounting rod is available immediately and is sold as a single unit. Here are more of its features:

  • The clamp doesn’t come with an umbrella but will clamp onto any umbrella handle post no bigger than 0.67 inches.
  • The base clamp can fit onto rounded bar attachments up to 1.2 inches.
  • The upper post-bar has a slide rail clamp to adjust for 12 inches of height
  • The base clamp has rubber anti-slip grips with a locking snap bolt

Pros and Cons

  • Can hold umbrellas wider than 3 feet in diameter
  • Perfect for large strollers, wheelchairs, and electric mobile carts or walkers with wheels
  • Made from stainless steel and ABS plastic parts for maximum durability
  • This mounting rod fits a wide variety of umbrella sizes
  • It will not clamp into large round bars larger than 1.4 inches in diameter
  • Does not come with an umbrella and is sold as an umbrella mount only
  • Not recommended for windy weather for safety reasons
  • Can wobble when attached to stroller bars where the umbrella is off centre

Looking for more informations about baby strollers? You can read here.

4. 10LOL Universal 3 Wheel Golf Plush Cart Umbrella Holder for Stroller

Universal 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart Umbrella Holder
10LOL Universal 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart Umbrella Holder

So, it is another umbrella stand attachment that doesn’t come with an umbrella. It’s currently unavailable, but stock supplies are in high demand since this famous brand is. It will work perfectly for baby strollers and many other leisure activities where umbrella shade is needed. Here are the attachment specs:

  • The attachment diameter base starts at 0.85 inches and can fit around oval-shaped frames up to 1.45 inches.
  • The upper umbrella attachment will fit any standard umbrella handle up to 1.87 inches wide.
  • There are dual adjustments at the mounting point that use special grip clamps and tighten with knobs.
  • The base clamp has three different size inserts to fit between 0.85 and 1.45 oval-frame mounting points.

Pros and Cons

  • This mounting system is a combination of ABS plastic and stainless steel screws
  • It is possible to have fixed angles to get the perfect amount of sunshade
  • The mounting bracket does allow different-sized inserts for larger connection points
  • Any portable or compact umbrella will fit into this umbrella holder
  • This umbrella mounting system will only work on oval framed mounting bars
  • This is better suited for golfing equipment unless you have oval frame baby stroller bars
  • The mounting bracket does not recommend umbrellas more than 3 feet in diameter
  • This is not recommended for windy days of heavy rainy weather

5. Zerodis 360-degree Stroller Umbrella Clamp Mount Holder

Umbrella Holder for Stroller
Zerodis Umbrella Holder Stand – Stroller Umbrella Attachment

This final entry from Zerodis is also an item that’s in stock and features an umbrella mount stand system for many applications. The advantage of this product is that it’s designed to fit larger diameter bars for strollers, bicycles, and motorized vehicles. Here are more features:

  • The mounting clamp can fit rounded bars from 0.87 to 0.98 inches. These are tightened using a standard adjustable wrench.
  • The upper umbrella holder clamp can hold umbrella stands between 22 to 25 millimetres in diameter.
  • The upper clamp has a 180-degree rotating stand for adjusting an umbrella.
  • The middle elbow of this mount allows 180-degree rotation, which helps complete 360 degrees of adjustment for this umbrella mount.
  • There is a base slide adjustment to control the height of this mounted stand up to 20 centimetres in any direction.

Pros and Cons

  • Made from 0.8-inch stainless steel tubing that is meant for heavy-duty umbrella mounting
  • This umbrella mount can handle larger umbrellas up to 4 feet in diameter
  • You can use the mounting system for a variety of umbrella shade applications
  • After mounting, the easy-to-adjust wing nuts and knobs are durable and straightforward to tighten
  • You will need a standard adjustable wrench to attach this to a stroller or wheeled object
  • Not recommended for use in windy or heavy rainy weather
  • Best when used for an object that doesn’t need to be removed in a hurry
  • You can easily replace missing parts such as nuts and screws on this mounting frame

Conclusion – Find the right Umbrella Attachment for Stroller

strollers with umbrellas attached
Strollers with Umbrellas Attached

This article reviewed the top 5 umbrella attachment for stroller in the article. When it comes to buying the best stroller umbrella attachment, there are just so many factors you need to keep in mind. Before making a purchase, read reviews from real customers, including users and their feedback. Furthermore, you may also check out videos of the product in use before making a decision. Good luck with the umbrella attachment for your stroller search!

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