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Buggy Board for Stroller – Curse or Blessing?

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What is a buddy board?

A buggy board for stroller is practical because a simple stroller or buggy carries two children. The small child sits or lies down in the stroller and the big brother or sister stands or sits on the buggy board. It is possible because the stroller board is attached to the stroller.

It is a step, carpool, or sibling board that fits behind the stroller but before the handlebar. If the big brother or sister doesn’t want to walk anymore, you can still move forward with the buggy board. The smaller the age difference between the siblings, the longer you can use the buggy board. In stroller board tests, the stroller board is safer than if the child was walking beside the stroller. You have a better view of the child in front of you on the buggy board, and the sibling in the stroller does not get bored.

Buggy board for stroller

What are the different types?

From its adaptability

A universal stroller board fits almost any stroller. A universal buggy board can be installed anywhere, thanks to its simple attachment system.

Then there are custom stroller boards that stroller manufacturers make for their strollers. For example, UPPAbaby VISTA PiggyBack Ride-Along Board for VISTA and VISTA V2, Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board for bumbleride indie, indie 4 and indie twin strollers. Custom Stroller boards can have a fantastic look or offer additional features.

Other options are the stroller board with seat, retrofitted to the stroller board, or a fold-up feature. The stroller board with seat is still relatively new. The child on the standing board does not need to stand but can be comfortably seated on the stroller board with a seat.

From its weight capacity

The stroller boards are suitable for children from 18 months onwards and can generally carry a maximum load of 20 kg. A weight of up to 30 kg is the exception. There are only a few manufacturers for a 30 kg stroller board. One of the few stroller boards for this weight is the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi, available without a seat. A weight of 20 kg is about the same as a six-year-old child you can carry in a baby stroller.

From the attachment

The attachment option is important for the sibling board to fit in the stroller. Some models attach to the stroller’s frame; others attach with a quick connect.

A Fillikid Stroller board can be attached to both parallel and vertical strollers. You can rotate the connection to the stroller 180 degrees, and the assembly, which is a great advantage, can be done without tools.

From the wheel

You can choose between plastic spring wheels or wheels with rubber treads for driving comfort. The latter are quieter on the pavement. The anti-slip coating on the standing or sitting surface ensures safety. The raised side edges prevent the child from sliding off the board.

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How do buggy boards attach?

The sibling board is attached to the rear axle of the stroller. The buggy board is equipped with the corresponding fasteners, such as screws or clamp connectors. Other fastening options are similar to large cable ties. For a safe ride, the stroller board must fit exactly on the axis of the stroller. But then, the skateboard is fixed very securely.

However, it is necessary to check from time to time the correct fastening because the screws can loosen under the effect of vibration. A stroller board is clipped, hooked, or snapped onto the stroller’s frame. Most of the time, this works without additional tools. Most models fold up when not used and attach to the stroller with a strap. The stroller can still be folded.

Are buggy boards safe?

Challenges with the buggy board for stroller

Once you have mounted the stroller board, it takes you, the person pushing the stroller, a few days to get used to the new situation, because the child is between the stroller and the handlebars, where there was free space without the sibling board. He or she has to hang on somewhere, and there has to be enough room for you to walk properly with your feet and not take little triumphant steps and collide with the wheels of the buggy board. Experience shows that the arms are too short for the first few days. Some parents solve the problem by pushing the stroller slightly to the right or left. The child has to learn to hold on well and find his or her balance.

In the case of a stroller board with a seat, the carrycot may be directly in front of the child’s head, and the child may not see anything. It is the case with the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+. It means that the distance between the stroller board and the stroller must be large enough, reinforcing the dilemma of too short arms. When the distance between the stroller and the stroller board is too short, manufacturers have developed an extension adapter that creates the necessary distance between the stroller and the sibling board. Another possibility, when the arms are too short, is to adjust the stroller’s handlebar. Often we can remove it. When buying a stroller, make sure that the handle bar is adjustable or if the children have a slight age difference, opt for an easy-to-handle sibling stroller instead.

How wheels affect the stroller board?

If manufacturers use poor-quality wheels for the stroller board, the stroller is harder to push, and maneuverability is reduced. That is the case with hard plastic wheels. Some manufacturers equip the stroller with a high-quality ball bearing, like rollerblades, and the rolling surface of the wheels is covered with rubber. Swivel wheels make it easier to navigate with the stroller board and stroller board with seat. Such equipment makes driving more pleasant, not only when testing the buggy board.

If the stroller is very light, the stroller board should have four wheels so that the stroller does not tip over. With four wheels, the stroller should not have a hand brake. We could then not use the handbrake. Strollers equipped with a sibling board are fine on sidewalks. Unless they are too high, in that case, you have to lift the stroller board. It is helpful to clean the wheels from time to time and oil the bearings to make pushing easier.

Steering the stroller like a pro with a stroller board

With a buggy board, you may have to take turns in a wider radius. And if the sibling board doesn’t fit the stroller, it doesn’t work sometimes even pushing the stroller backward. In this case, it is recommended to opt for an original model from the stroller manufacturer. Then the stroller has better driving characteristics, and you can push the stroller and the stroller board with one hand and master tight turns.

Are buggy boards with seat worth it?

A stroller board with seat is either included with the stroller or retrofitted. Children will love the stroller board with seat, as it saves them from having to stand and allows them to sit comfortably by holding onto the stroller or a handle built into the seat. Younger children, for whom standing on a skateboard is tiring, especially benefit from this.

Buggy board with seat

For example, there is such a seat for the Filliboard attached to the buggy board with a clip. It is adjustable in height in three positions and has a handle. The disadvantage: when raising the stroller board, we must remove the seat beforehand. The Buggaboo stroller board is a smart solution. It has a triangular shape and only one wheel on the rear axle. It gives parents more legroom when walking. At Elternstolz, you can find the stroller board for the stroller with a seat and safety belt.

The fun idea is to have a steering wheel on the seat, but that has no function. It is what we saw with the Eichhorn Cozy B Rider. We can always remove a seat in an instant. This way, the sibling board remains flexible to be taken along in a sitting or standing position. At Lascal, you will find the Lascal Stroller board as small as the Lascal BuggyBoard mini and large as the Lascal BuggyBoard maxi. The Lascal stroller board saddle is available separately as a seat.

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Is it worth buying an adjustable stroller board?

The adjustability of a baby stroller board refers not so much to the walking surface but the attachment system. Thus, the sibling board as a universal stroller board fits many strollers with standing platform. The adjustment ranges from :

  • 34 cm to 47 cm
  • 31 cm to 54 cm

The fixing bars of the stroller board must be far from each other. Otherwise, there is a risk of the board tipping over. Alternatively, you can attach the bars to the stroller’s frame with cable ties. The Lascal BuggyBoard maxi is also adjustable in height and length. That makes it possible to move smaller children closer to the stroller and older children further away. The surface of the Lascal BuggyBoard Mini is smaller than that of the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi. It is also possible to add a seat on the Maxi, and the wheels are a bit larger. They design both versions for a weight of 20 kg.

Are buggy boards universal for the strollers?

This is the question that most concerns people who want to buy a stroller board for their stroller. It is not easy to answer, and if in doubt, you should contact the manufacturer. For example, the UPPAbaby VISTA PiggyBack Ride-Along Board is compatible with 2015-Later VISTA and VISTA V2, and Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board fits for bumbleride indie, indie 4 and indie twin strollers.

However, a Lascal Stroller board, like the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi, on the other hand, fits different strollers from ABC, Hartan Stroller board, Knorr, or Britax Go Next. If you have an Emmaljunga stroller, you should opt for a universal buggy board. Bergsteiger strollers have had good experiences with the Lascal stroller board as Bergsteiger stroller board. They are still suitable. With the Easy Walker Stroller board, we can still use the foot brake of the stroller. Unlike other buggy boards, it is made of aluminum.

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Best universal stroller board

These include sibling boards from Englacha or Lascal and stroller boards from other manufacturers. The sibling boards below are the most popular:

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi: compatible with all brands of strollers, does not interfere with the steering of the stroller, we can purchase the seat at a later date, rubber wheels, nylon strap included in delivery, supports up to 20 kg.

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+ with the large standing area and saddle: extra large standing area, bicycle saddle seat included, holds up to 22 kg, adjustable (length: 33-44.5 cm, width 31 -54 cm), quick release up to 22.5 cm, large wheels.

Englacha Easy Rider Trailer: compatible with most strollers, affordable, easy to store, supports up to 20 kg.

Guzzie+Guss Hitch Ride-On Stroller Board: Compatible with all styles of strollers, attaches without adapters and has an adjustable width, good suspension system, supports up to 28 kg.

Eichhorn Cozy C Rider with seat and steering wheel: also suitable for small children, with seat and safety belt, wheels light up when rolling, ideal for all strollers without folding handbrake, four wheels for more stability, can be used without a seat like a standard Stroller board

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