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13 Stroller Accessories Every Parent Should Have

What stroller accessories do i need?

It’s not always easy to decide on a stroller, but the search continues immediately when you make the final decision. And specifically for the right stroller accessories. Here we present the 13 stroller accessories that parents must have for your stroller.

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We all know those moments when we realize that a specific accessory could have been helpful for a long time. But if you’ve already gone for months or years without a cup holder, for example, the urge to suddenly invest in this little convenience is no longer strong, and the remaining use time may seem a little short after such a long period. So that you don’t have to wait a few years to discover the little pleasures of everyday life with a child and a stroller, we have compiled a list of the essential accessories and equipment. We think these are particularly useful and practical, and parents who already use them don’t want to give up the comfort they’re used to.

1. Sun shade

It is probably one of the essential accessories for your stroller. A baby’s delicate skin should not be exposed to the sun’s direct rays, so a sunshade or parasol is a must. This accessory already comes with some strollers, but if not, it is better to buy it directly.

Important note: We often see strollers where the baby is protected from the sun by a hanging layer of gauze. But many people don’t know that it limits the air supply for the baby so that the temperature in the stroller rises quickly. It can be extremely dangerous for the baby, especially on sunny days with high temperatures!

stroller accessories - sunshade

2. Cup holder

The cup holder is not essential like the sun visor is. But it is a “nice to have.” Everyone knows the cliche of the mother drinking a latte and walking with her stroller. Cliche or not, it’s still just nice to be able to put your drink down on a long walk.

stroller accessories - cup holder
Cup holder

3. Stroller organizer

The stroller organizer is an accessory in the same category as the cup holder. It is a small pocket that can be attached to the stroller’s handle to hold small personal items. Cell phones, drinks, pacifiers, tissues, etc., can be stored. Very practical, and you don’t want to part with it once you have it.

stroller accessories - stroller organizer
Stroller organizer

4. Stroller hook

For changing bags, Diapers, wet wipes, and the like are your constant companions during the first weeks and months with the baby.

If you don’t want to hang your changing bag permanently, you can attach it to the stroller. It works with small carabiners. You can attach them to the left and right sides of the handle with Velcro strips, for example. You hang your bag on the carabiners. Such hooks are unnecessary if you have a changing bag as a backpack. Stroller organizer Keys, phone, tissues: where to put the small stuff? You can store them safely in an organizer. Such a stroller bag has different compartments, often with Velcro or zipper, and can be attached directly to the stroller. If your changing bag has small containers, you can, of course, also store your things in them.

stroller accessories - stroller hook
Stroller hook

5. Stroller fan

If you have a baby in the car or stroller, it may get hot. A small, lightweight stroller fan keeps your child cool and comfortable, without distracting him or her with lights or sounds. It attaches easily to any bar or handle, so wherever you go—from the mall to the beach—you’ll be sure to have a cool place for your child to rest.

Getting a stroller fan for your child is a great idea, but don’t stop there. Consider purchasing one for yourself as well.

stroller accessories - Stroller fan
Stroller fan

6. Stroller board

The stroller board or Buggy Board is a board with wheels that can be attached to the stroller. It is designed for the older sibling who can walk independently but may need a break from time to time and can then move around on the board. The board unfolds when needed and folds up or down when no one is standing on it.

stroller accessories - Buggy board
Stroller board

7. Mosquito net

A mosquito net is a good investment if you want to leave your baby outside to sleep in the stroller. It is placed on the canopy and prevents insects from reaching the baby. It is important to note that the mosquito net increases the temperature in the stroller. Therefore, it is vital that the stroller is not placed in direct sunlight but is possible only in the shade.

stroller accessories - Mosquito net
Mosquito net

8. Rain cover

If it’s raining, I’m not going for a walk. It’s so easy to say. You will probably be surprised by a little or a lot of rain when you’re out with your baby. And that’s when you’ll want to have a rain cover with you. Every manufacturer offers this stroller accessory in their assortment, but there are also universal variants (available, for example, here on Amazon*). Don’t need the canopy right now? Then fold it up to save space and keep it handy in your stroller basket.

stroller accessories - Rain cover
Rain cover

9. Car seat adapter

Adapters are required if you want to use your baby shell (car seat) on the stroller. The adapters allow the car seat to be correctly and securely snapped onto the stroller’s frame. Buying adapters that fit the stroller and the car seat is essential.

stroller accessories - Car seat adapter
Car seat adapter

10. Footmuff

You can’t do without a footmuff. This accessory is handy in winter as well as in summer. In winter, you need a warm, lined footmuff to protect your little ones from the cold and damp. A summer footmuff is also very useful in summer or on warmer days in spring and fall. It keeps the child warm and protects him from the wind. The universal footmuff is suitable for both summer and winter. It is not as warm as a winter footmuff and maybe too warm for summer. But it is an economical alternative because you only need to buy one product.

stroller accessories - Footmuff

11. Stroller lock

Do you have to go to the doctor or the store but can’t take the stroller with you? Or is your child’s car parked in the stairwell? If you’re unsure if the stroller will still be there when you return, a stroller lock is a reasonable purchase. Stroller locks have a long cable and are often very light, making them easy to carry. You can also use a bike lock.

stroller accessories - stroller lock
Stroller lock

12. Stroller chain toy

This cute accessory makes the stroller more attractive and gives the baby something to look at when walking around the neighborhood. There are different models, and there is something for every taste, for example, in wood, pastel colors, or stuffed animals. Whichever variant you choose: Make sure the necklace is declared and labeled as a toy for children. It ensures that the toy is safe if the baby gets hold of it and puts pieces in his mouth.

stroller accessories - Stroller chain
Stroller chain toy

13. Stroller Bag (changing bag/shopping bag)

The changing bag is not necessarily a stroller accessory because you need the changing bag everywhere you go with the baby. But a changing or shopping bag that can be attached to the stroller’s handle is convenient when traveling with the baby. This way, you have everything, and the bag offers extra storage space, which is especially handy when shopping.

stroller accessories - shopping bag
Shopping bag


In a nutshell, your stroller should be an extension of your parenting style, should match your personal preferences, and should be capable of supporting the baby ride-on chair accessories you choose to use. It’s wise to bring your stroller shopping checklist as well to ensure that whatever stroller you choose will work with the accessories you’ve selected.

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