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The Truth About Bike Trailer for Kids

Bicycle trailer for kids

Whether new or used: The advantages of a bicycle trailer for kids and babies are apparent. On the one hand, we can transport two children in it without any problems, which is particularly practical, not only for parents with twins. Thanks to the special baby carriers, even the most minor children can be carried comfortably and accompany their older brothers and sisters everywhere by bike. In addition, the children’s trailers are equipped with a cover that protects your child from wind, rain, drafts, and sun. In case of an accident, child trailers offer better protection than child seats, as confirmed by various crash tests. Nevertheless, there are a few things to be aware of when buying a child bike trailer. In our bike trailer test, we have found out where exactly the weak points are.

kids bicycle trailers

How much should a good kids bike trailer cost?

The price range of bike trailer is enormous, especially for children’s trailers. For example, one of the most popular models, the Thule Chariot Cross children’s trailer, easily costs $1300. The Burley Encore X from Burley is still relatively inexpensive at around $600. But it is possible to find it even cheaper because for about 100$ to 150$ you can already buy a child trailer for your bike. The question now is: how much money should you invest in getting a good quality bike trailer?

From Thule to Burley to BELL, Allen Sports, Schwinn… We have compared different brand models and found that expensive does not necessarily mean good. You can find all the details in our bike trailer test!

Which is the right model?

Jogger, two-seater, load carrier – bike trailers for babies and children are often versatile and highly adaptable thanks to practical accessories. It makes them perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to take your child to the nursery for a short time or go for long bike rides during your leisure time, the market offers a right model for every need. There are also high-quality models from well-known brands like Thule, Burley, and Allen Sports.

More information about bicycle trailers

For example, special items can be detached quickly and efficiently and can also be used as a jogger thanks to their practical three-wheel construction. Sometimes, however, you have to buy unique conversion accessories for this.

The two-seaters, in which you can carry two children simultaneously, are also very popular. Thanks to a baby shell that you can add at any time without problems, even the most minor children can travel in a children’s trailer.

Some models can be converted into a load carrier when the children are older and may already be riding their bikes. You can then carry a variety of utensils for your leisure activities: from a barbecue to a cooler, a football, or a picnic blanket.

Safety in focus – that’s what you need to pay attention to:

Child restraint system: 

a child restraint system is an absolute must for safety. Because even a bicycle trailer offers a lot of freedom of movement for the baby and the child: Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory during the ride! So make sure you choose a 5-point belt system, as it offers maximum support. For example, in series such as the Croozer Kid, these equipment details are already part of the standard equipment.

For optimal driving comfort, we should also pad the belts. In the case of two-seaters, we must also ensure that a central seating position is possible with the straps. Otherwise, there may be an imbalance when driving.

Hitch for children’s trailers: 

The topic of the hitch is crucial for children’s bike trailers. Some models only have a one-piece trap. The disadvantage is that it must be attached to the bike for each trip. Models with a two-piece hitch system, which connects to both the bike and the trailer, are more recommended. Compared to the one-piece hitch, it is safer and more convenient to use. To determine which models perform best in this area, check out our bike trailer test.

To ensure that the trailer hitch fits your bike correctly, we recommend bringing your bike with you when you purchase the trailer.

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Tipping protection: 

The rule here is simple: the lower the trailer, the more protection it has against tipping. Wide track width and large wheels also positively affect tipping safety. In addition, some models are equipped with a different stand that ensures maximum stability of the stroller, even in the parked position.

Floor pan:

Some floor pans consist of an unpadded fabric, which offers no support or safety. Since you often run over tree roots, rocks, or other complex objects, it is vital to make sure that you buy a floor pan that is as sturdy as possible. It reduces the risk of injury and also provides stability and support.


Unfortunately, the subject of “visibility” leaves much to be desired on many child carriers. The reason is: baby and child trailers are often not sufficiently equipped with reflectors. We can remedy it by installing fixed rear lights connected to the bike’s dynamo or powered by a battery. If the bike trailer does not have this necessary equipment detail, you can still equip it without much effort.

Loading and charging: 

Before setting off, ensure that you have distributed all the loads evenly. It increases the stability of the car and provides a better driving experience. Moreover, the weight plays an important role when loading. And it should not exceed the maximum load for the trailer.


Since most children’s trailers are not equipped with brakes, your bike must have reliable and efficient brakes. If in doubt, test before purchasing how your bike handles in combination with the trailer under heavy braking.

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