best strollers for gravel

Best Strollers for Gravel in 2022

Pushing a stroller through different terrain can be tricky. Sometimes the stroller will get stones or debris jammed at the wheels, or poor traction could mean a lot of slipping and sliding. If you’ll frequently be going through rough terrains like gravel, the best way to prevent this frustrating occasion is to get a stroller with wheels that would succeed in gravel roads.

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In this guide, I will go over what I discover after hours of diligent study. I will also explain what an all-terrain stroller is (and what it’s not), which all-terrain strollers are worth purchasing, and how to decide what type of stroller is ideal for you.

Let’s begin.

Here Are Our Top Picks (Best Stroller for Gravel Paths):

ModelPictureWeight Weight capacity
BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie Strollersbest all terrain stroller - BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie28.5 lbs / 33.1 lbs (Duallie)75 lbs / 50 lbs each seat (Duallie)
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralightbest stroller for sand - Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight25.7 lbs75 lbs
Baby Trend Expeditionbest stroller for dirt roads - Baby Trend Expedition25.5 lbs50 lbs
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019best stroller for gravel paths - Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 201921.4 lbs65 lbs
Chicco Activ3 Strollerbest strollers for walking on gravel roads - Chicco Activ3 Stroller27.5 lbs50 lbs
Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Strollerbest stroller on gravel - Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller35 lbs50 lbs
Bugaboo Fox Complete Strollerbest jogging stroller for gravel - Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller21.8 lbs50 lbs

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Stroller for Gravel

When buying a stroller for a gravel road, here are a few things you’ll need to think about:

The size of the wheels on the stroller

The bigger the wheels, the better we will likely push it on a gravel road. You’ll want to take into account the tread of the wheels. More aggressive treads will perform better on a gravel road compared to light treads that might slide through the gravel.

The weight of the stroller

The heavier the stroller is, the harder it will be to push as it will typically sink into the gravel.

Accessories of the stroller

What accessories you want, such as cup holders, a large basket, or a extendable canopy.

Compatibility of the stroller

Do you need the stroller to be compatible with a baby seat? If that’s the case, you might need to stick to a particular brand or buy an adapter.

The style of stroller that you need and want

Even though a Lightweight stroller might be excellent for traveling, it might not be the most suitable choice for pushing through gravel since the wheels may be small and are typically not all-terrain. Jogging strollers can be a terrific alternative for pushing through gravel. They usually come with all-terrain wheels using a large diameter that makes them better able to manage rocky terrain.

There are mixed reviews regarding if a three-wheel stroller is superior to a four-wheel stroller on gravel roads, but we are still able to push many of them on gravel roads regardless of the number of wheels they have.

Best Strollers for Walking on Gravel Roads

1. BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie Strollers (best single & double stroller for gravel)

best all terrain stroller - BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie
BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie

The BOB Revolution FLEX and FLEX Duallie strollers are single and double all-terrain strollers which can be used as jogging strollers as well.

This stroller is only recommended for use with infants over 8 weeks of age, and you’ll need an adapter to use it with a car seat. Its 9 handlebar positions make it perfect for both tall and short parents.

BOB’s Flex Stroller supports up to 75 pounds rather than 65. Plus, used for a maximum height of 44 inches. Better still, the stroller utilizes Lunar ultra-reflective fabric for security, even in the dark.

BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie handles flat sandy trails and gravel roads. If the rocks are small it maneuvers with ease, if the trail is really rocky it may be a bit harder to push and the passenger bounces more. But on deep gravel it performs amazing and pushing it is not very difficult. Dirt roads in country side won’t be a problem either.

Although BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 is often considered a bit bulky for an everyday stroller, a lot of parents still find it quite convenient to use. It includes multiple features like – car seat compatibility, hand-operated brakes, lockable swiveling wheels for better maneuverability, and an adjustable handlebar for all heights. Is it for you?

Great!! I’d like to see the price of BOB Revolution FLEX & FLEX Duallie.
  • All-terrain wheels with a suspension system
  • Hand activated brakes
  • Height-adjustable handlebars
  • Carries up to 75 lbs / 50 lbs each(Duallie)
  • A bit pricey
  • No child cup holder or trays
  • The stroller weighs almost
  • Stroller weighs up to 28.5 lbs /33 lbs(Duallie). Can be quite heavy for smaller parents

2. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight (the lightest stroller for dirt roads )

best stroller for sand - Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

If You’d like a good-quality stroller for dirt roads and grass, but you are on a tight budget, Joovy Zoom 360 might be ideal for you. But if the road is quite bumpy, the kid may feel it and bounce more than in BOB or Thule jogging strollers.

The price, though, makes this stroller a triumph. While it functions as a luxury stroller, but at a much lower price.

Tires on Joovy Zoom 360 are fantastic for jogging on more flat terrain and sometimes on rocky or grass roads. If you are a more advanced runner or prefer rocky terrain, BOB will be a better option.

The stroller is percent lighter than other strollers and folds in half making it a great value compared with other high-end all-terrain strollers.

Like the majority of strollers, this one has a steel frame and rubber wheels. A five-point harness keeps the kiddos wrapped in tight. A multi-position, padded, and reclining seat allows children to sit or sleep comfortably. The recline provides webbed fabric for breathability.

Great!! I’d like to see the price of Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight.
  • Easy pushing, even with a heavy kid inside
  • Shock absorption
  • Smooth ride even on harsh terrain
  • Lightweight
  • Large storage space
  • Helpful cup holders included
  • Large sun visor that offers complete coverage
  • Some parents use it for bigger children or kids with clinical problems.
  • Un-adjustable handlebar
  • Pretty big even when folded

3. Baby Trend Expedition (all-terrain stroller that is easiest to fold)

best stroller for dirt roads - Baby Trend Expedition
Baby Trend Expedition

Another stroller that could serve you for light jogging, off-road walks, and everyday use is Baby Trend Expedition. If you are not likely to run too much and search for a stroller that is easy to fold up, comes with a low price tag, and is car seat compatible, then this is the stroller for you.

It’s a 3-wheel design with 16″ rear wheels and 12″ front wheel that’s lockable. This stroller is excellent for dirt roads, grass, and somewhat uneven terrain due to large wheels with pumped tires.

However, it doesn’t have suspension, so that it’s not suitable for more rugged terrain. I would not recommend this stroller for beach or bark chips etc. I would not use this stroller on mountain trails either — it lacks a handbrake, so it’s less appropriate for hills. For short distances and light jogging — it is excellent.

Great!! I’d like to see the price of Baby Trend Expedition.
  • Super big basket, using a cup holder
  • Can use the canopy to block the sun almost entirely
  • Easy to fold
  • Car seat compatibility
  • A large storage basket
  • Warranty is comparatively short
  • The front swivel wheel axle snapped off while jogging

4. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019 Stroller (best budget option for gravel, beach, trails)

best stroller for gravel paths - Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019

There is one example of such stroller, the brand new Baby Jogger City Mini GT2. It instead doesn’t handle sand, but it could quickly go through short grass (such as lawns and public parks), dirt roads, and gravel trails in parks. Parents suggest getting a jogging stroller with bigger wheels, pumped tires, and more excellent shock absorption for more profound and looser gravel or sandy beaches.

The three-wheel design makes it quite handy and easy to steer. Even on surfaces such as cracked sidewalks and uneven pavement, it will not get trapped and doesn’t bounce that much. It may handle bricks and cobbled streets, for example, in old Italian cities, but larger stones could be too tricky for it.

If you choose this stroller on more rugged terrain, you and the baby will feel bumps harder than you’d using a jogging stroller. However, even when stroller shakes a bit, it does not feel like it will fall apart or hurt the infant.

Most parents agree that the suspension is excellent, particularly on average rugged terrain. What’s important — the latest model — City Mini GT2 has enhanced suspension, built-in all wheels. Though this stroller has a handbrake, I don’t find it suitable for hills (primarily due to smaller wheels and inadequate suspension).

This stroller is not designed for jogging (Baby Jogger is just the name of the brand). It’s an excellent choice for parents who are not runners; however, like long-distance walks on multiple kinds of terrain.

Great!! I’d like to see the price of Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller.
  • All-terrain stroller with the complete suspension system
  • Lightweight but carries up to 65 pounds
  • Contains a leg rest
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • A bit pricey
  • Not suited for Jogging

5. Chicco Activ3 stroller (perfect for older babies & toddlers)

best strollers for walking on gravel roads - Chicco Activ3 Stroller
Chicco Activ3 Stroller

Chicco’s Activ3 is one stroller used both as an all-terrain stroller and as a jogging stroller.

User Friendly and easy to maneuver, the Activ3 was obtained high ratings in every area except bulk.

Chicco’s Activ3 stroller Provides rubber tires, suspension, a large canopy, and four handle positions. It has a front swivel wheel that locks into place, as well as a hand brake. Additionally, it is compatible with Chicco’s KeyFit and KeyFit 30 car seats and does not require an adapter. Plus, its fabric is water-repellent and can be wiped clean.

This stroller is bulky even when folded, but it is not appropriate for babies under six months old unless you use it as a travel system.

In case you’re looking for an all-terrain stroller that doubles as a jogging stroller but don’t want to have to use a car seat adapter, this is the stroller for you.

Great!! I’d like to see the price of Chicco Activ3 stroller.
  • Easy and smooth maneuver
  • Handles rough terrain well
  • Smooth ride for baby
  • Great for hiking
  • Quick and easy fold
  • Bulky stroller
  • Only compatible with a KeyFit or Fit2 car seat

6. Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

best stroller on gravel - Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller
Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

This Graco stroller features the one-handed FastAction Fold, which lets you easily fold up the stroller. It’s a folder stroller which can independently stay upright while other strollers will fall over.

This Graco all-terrain stroller features a locking front wheel when necessary and two back wheels.

An extra-large canopy (sun visor) protects your child from sunlight, but also gives airflow. Plus, a 5-position recline enables your baby to ride in style comfortably.

A storage compartment, two cup holders, and a place for your mobile to sit are conveniently part of the stroller’s design. If you would like to remove the child’s tray, you can do this Easily or pivot it when the kid is getting in or getting out.

If You would like to connect a Graco car seat to this stroller, You can do this easily without using an adapter. Attach your Graco car seat to the Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller, and you are all set to hit any terrain out there!

Great!! I’d like to see the price of Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller.
  • With 16″ rear tires and an 11″ front tires that are all-terrain and filled with air
  • Compatible with Graco ClickConnect car seats
  • A child tray includes cup holders and storage.
  • A lockable swivel front wheel can be locked in place while jogging or unlocked for casual walking.
  • At almost 32 pounds, this stroller is heavy and might be difficult to push in gravel.
  • With a height of 40″, You might find the stroller is too tall to push comfortably.
  • The handlebar doesn’t adjust, which might be a problem for parents not of average height.
  • The phone compartment may not match modern-sized mobile phones.

7. Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller (most expensive stroller for gravel roads)

best jogging stroller for gravel - Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller
Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller

Every list needs a luxury stroller option, and for that, I have included an additional stroller — the Bugaboo Fox stroller. This stroller is rated as the top all-terrain luxury stroller now available on the market. Even though it comes with rather a heavy price tag (hefty), the stroller has been designed and built with top features, luxury materials, and high-end tech that provide you the maximum value for your money.

The Bugaboo Fox pulls no stops concerning style and Luxury features. With its all-terrain wheels and high-tech suspension system, the stroller is ideal for walks on the beach, hiking on rocky or bumpy terrain, or walking on unpaved dirt roads.

If you are considering a super stylish luxury all-terrain stroller and also have the extra money to spare, definitely check out the Bugaboo Fox stroller!

Great!! I’d like to see the price of Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller.
  • All-terrain wheels with a suspension system
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Large basket, spacious bassinet, and spacious seat part
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Option to customize stroller
  • Reversible stroller seat
  • Extendable canopy
  • Very pricey stroller
  • Carries less than 50 pounds
  • The fold isn’t as easy as the instruction video shows
  • Impractical zipper-closing of the carrycot apron
  • The bumper bar is also not that easy to put on

The Difference Between All Terrain and Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers have a few design elements that are different from all-terrain strollers.

Jogging strollers are designed to be pushed at high speeds. The back of the stroller has more leg space to allow for longer strides. They often have a fixed front wheel to provide more control when moving at faster speeds. There’s sometimes a hand strap, and also, many models come with a braking system on the handlebar.

When deciding between the two different models, you will have to consider where you’re going to use the stroller and if you’ll be jogging or just walking. If you are mainly hiking, then an all-terrain stroller will be the greatest. If you are jogging on flat and even terrain, then a jogger will probably be best.

Another critical thing to know is that it is not recommended to jog with your infant until they are at least six months old. You may also want to wait somewhat longer to make sure that your baby’s spine and neck are mature enough to deal with all of the motion that jogging generates.

Final Thought

It is common to see a stroller caught in the gravel at the parking lot of the flea market. It may be pretty frustrating as a stroller is supposed to glide along the road, but instead, it gets jammed from all the rocks and debris.

The perfect way to prevent this annoying occasion is to buy a stroller with wheels that would do well in gravel. In this instance, large wheels are a necessity. The bigger the wheel, the more quickly it will glide over the gravel.

Additionally, it is a good idea to have all-terrain wheels that will grip the gravel enhance your control of the stroller. Another great idea is to get a stroller that has enclosed bearings as this will prevent rocks and debris from clogging the wheel, which would get the wheel to be stuck in place.

The size of the tires also improves the traction of the stroller. Remembering the weight of the stroller and the tire size and style, it’s also essential to think about your choices as some strollers come with cup holders while others give an adjustable handle. Pushing a stroller through gravel could be exhausting, but it may be much easier with the right stroller. With your desires in mind and these information, you should now prepare yourself to go shopping to find the best stroller for gravel roads.

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