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Best Stroller for Big Kids (up to 6 Years Old)

Are you looking for stroller for big kids from 3 to 6 years old? Do you need a sturdy and comfortable stroller for long journeys or travel?

If so, you are in the right place. When your kid is in this stage, his needs have changed a lot. He is now a “big boy.” However, even if your child is now walking freely, there may be moments that you still need the baby stroller: long journeys, going to Disney, carrying your child when he or she is tired or asleep, etc.

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One of the most important things is that the strollers for this stage must be sturdy because your little one already weighs more, allowing him to go well incorporated.

He will discover his surroundings, which will undoubtedly interest him a lot!

In short, you need to take comfort, safety, and others into account according to your needs, such as weight, folding, etc.

This guide will help you not make the wrong choice and find out what your actual need is.

So are there strollers for 6 year olds?

Strollers for 6 year old on the market:

ModelPicWeight (pounds)Maximum Capacity (pounds)
Maclaren Quest arcMaclaren Quest arc13.7 lb55 lb
Maclaren Techno XLRMaclaren Techno XLR14.8 lb55 lb
Joovy Zoom 360 UltralightJoovy Zoom 36026 lb75 lb
ZOE The Twin+ZOE The Twin+19 lb45 lb
BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie33 lb50 lb
Kinderkraft Tricycle AveoKinderkraft Tricycle Aveo21.6 lb55 lb
Kinderkraft ASTON Evolutionary TricycleKinderkraft Triciclo Evolutivo/55 lb

Best Stroller for Big Kids

Maclaren Quest arc Umbrella strollers for big kids

👶Light but resistant: If you are looking for a lightweight and compact stroller to withstand years of use, this stroller is the solution.

Maclaren Quest arc, Umbrella strollers for big kids

This Maclaren Quest Arc is an ultra-lightweight stroller (13.7 pounds) but can support up to 55 pounds (maximum capacity), making it ideal for an extensive age range: from newborns to 6-year-olds.

It’s an excellent solution for parents who need a manageable yet complete stroller designed to withstand years of use, as well as being safe and comfortable.

Why does this Maclaren have it all?


Tell you that, thanks to its lightweight aluminum structure, you will push it without effort. The ultra-lightweight tires and 4-wheel suspension system also facilitate this.

Also, the height-adjustable handlebars improve the handling of the pushchair.

Finally, it can be opened, closed, and transported with one hand to make going out of the house with the stroller very easy.


The 4-position fully reclining padded seat with footrest can be removed and machine washed.

Plus, the stroller for big kids includes a waterproof hood with a wind-resistant window and UPF 50+.

Finally, it has enough storage space for you to take everything your child needs: a snack, water, etc.

About your comfort, they design the aluminum frame to make this pushchair ultralight. The compact folding of one hand and the carrying strap make your daily life more comfortable and allow you to store the chair in small spaces.


It has the Newborn Safety System so that the baby do not slip in the chair. It consists of a fabric barrier for the head and a mesh for the feet used when we recline the seat completely. Although it is unnecessary for a 3-year-old kid, you may be interested in this when your baby is small.

In short, this big kid stroller is safe, resistant, easy to handle, and comfortable. You will amortize it without realizing it because it is designed for prolonged use for children up to 6 years old.

  • Light and handy
  • Easy folding
  • You can easily find replaceable parts.
  • It does not have a security bar.

Maclaren Techno XLR Umbrella stroller for tall kid

👶Ideal for tall yet lightweight children: If you are looking for a tall child’s strollers, this one is ideal because of its long back and width.

Maclaren Techno XLR, Umbrella stroller for tall kids

The Maclaren Techno XLR is a lightweight stroller (14.79 lbs) for 25kg child, ideal for tall or big kids, and can be used from baby to 5 years old.

We are focusing on buggies for children from 2 to 3 years old; therefore, we serve as a stroller for big kids over 15 kg. But you have to know that thanks to the Maclaren strollers have the Newborn Safety System, the Maclaren strollers are also suitable for babies.

Comfort for the little ones

This pushchair is wide, so even the biggest child is comfortable, and it has a fully reclining seat in 4 positions and extendable footrests. But it also includes:

An extendable headrest and shoulder protector;

A waterproof stretch hood that resists rain and wind and with UPF 50+ for the sun;

A winter boot.

Comfortable for you too

This stroller has a height-adjustable handlebar so you can handle it more comfortably without hurting your back or arms. This maneuverability is enhanced by simple aerodynamic suspension on all wheels for a smooth ride. But it’s not just that. 

It is a very maneuverable stroller that we can push, open, close, carry, and recline the seat and canopy, all with one hand. Its lightness facilitates this.

The compact one-handed folding with a comfortable self-closing and carrying strap is ideal for not wasting time handling the chair and storing it in small spaces.

It has a storage pocket on the back.

The seat is removable and machine washable, and you can easily find spare parts for your stroller if you need them.

In short, it is a big and resistant stroller but light for its size, comfortable and ideal for big kids up to 6 years old, with a compact folding.

  • It’s a high chair.
  • Good quality of materials
  • Lightweight, easy to fold, and compact
  • The pushchair that would be too high for little parents

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight – Best jogging stroller for 6 year old

👶Ultralight and sturdy: If you are parents living in the country, this stroller is suitable for you to use when jogging or going over bumpy road.

Joovy Zoom 360, jogging stroller for big kids

The latest Zoom 360 Ultralight weighs only 25.7 lbs, which is genuinely too light for a jogger. It is just one of the very best strollers for older kids due to a maximum capacity of 75 lbs and a lengthy seat that can fit even a 44 inches tall kid. Even at full load, this stroller for big kids is still reliable and very easy to steer or transform.

Within the seat, there are mesh pockets so the kid can keep some snacks and other take-along.

Big Wheels

This jogger has big wheels: 16″ in the back and 12″ ahead with air-pumped tires. Additionally, the front wheel can be locked straight to boost security throughout running or going over bumps. And also, when the front wheels swivel, it gives maximum maneuverability and agility.

Canopy and fabrics

I love the canopy and the stroller fabrics because they provide excellent airflow. Big canopy offers your kid plenty of shade while you get on the go. You can see your kids through a peek-a-boo window.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight also has a useful parent organizer. You can keep your keys and phone in a zippered pocket and also 2 bottles of water in beverage holders.

And last but not least, Zoom 360 Ultralight is among the cheapest jogging baby strollers on the market today! So if you seek a jogging stroller for big kids, but your budget is limited, then don’t wait any longer and go with Zoom 360.

“I use this stroller for over two years now, and it still works great. It’s effortless to push with my 5-year-old child in it. She likes to ride in this stroller and says the seat is extremely comfortable.”

Michelle, W., 27-year-old mom of one child.

This jogger is famous and also has an incredible score on Amazon. At the time I’m writing this, there are more than 200 reviews!. What moms and dads praise this stroller for and what are the major issues?

  • Easy pushing, even with a heavy child in it
  • Shock absorption
  • Smooth ride even on harsh terrain
  • Lightweight
  • Large storage space
  • Helpful cup holders included
  • Big sunshade which offers complete protection
  • Some parents use it for larger child or child with clinical problems
  • Un-adjustable handlebar
  • Pretty big even when folded

ZOE The Twin+ – Best double stroller for big kids

👶Lightweight double stroller for 4-year-old: If you are looking for a double stroller and lightweight stroller for two children, then this is exactly what you need for travelling or going to disney.

ZOE The Twin+, Double stroller for big kids

ZOE The Twin+ (previously called ZOE XL2) may be the best lightweight travel stroller for big kid, perfect for traveling or running errands within the city. The most recent model weighs only 19 lbs, which is too light for a double stroller. The maximum capacity is 45 lbs per seat. Zoe’s double stroller features roomy seats 23 inches from the bottom of the seat to the hood. This big kid stroller can accommodate kids up to 3 to 4 years old!

Here are a few things I prefer about ZOE The Twin+ (XL2): it’s a lightweight but durable aluminum frame, it folds easily and quickly. There are 2 cup holders, one child snack cup, one parent cup holder, and a double padded belly bar for free of charge.

Compact stroller for older child

ZOE The Twin+ features compact, flat fold that matches in most car trunks.

This stroller also features large, extendable sunshades with storage pockets at the rear of the seats where you’ll keep your essentials like keys or phone. Canopies also have peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure, which may be a big plus.

Pushing ZOE The Twin+ is a breeze, and therefore the wheels roll nicely, but this is not an off-road stroller. It’s an excellent choice for urban parents, who are often accompanying their toddlers.

ZOE strollers are trendy – and therefore, the newest ZOE The Twin+ is not any exception. Just see what percentage reviews it’s! What features parents like and dislike?

  • Ultra-lightweight but stable
  • Easy one-hand pushing and maneuvering even with chubby kids in it
  • Many spaces for storing
  • Works for children of various age and weight without pulling to at least one side
  • Easy to navigate through tight spaces
  • Perfect for city and travel use
  • Great for pavement and hard-packed gravel paths
  • With the parent cup holder on, the stroller doesn’t slot in doorways, so you will need to take it off first.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 – Double jogging strollers for big kids

👶Double jogging stroller for your kids: This double jogging stroller for designed for parent with two kids and need to going over bumpy road!!

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

Let me introduce you to my favorite and absolute # 1 double jogger– BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0. It can accommodate two kids, each with a maximum capacity of 50 lbs. If you’re a fan of running and have two big kids, this kids stroller won’t make you disappointed!

It weighs 33.1 lbs, which, to be honest, is a good weight. Keep In Mind That BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is a truly sturdy stroller, and it functions superbly on any type of terrain.

I have been jogging with BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 for a few months already; also, I’ve taken it to the beach, snow, wooded paths as well as unbeaten roadways in the countryside. It always glides like a breeze, no exceptions!

Comfortable stroller for big kids

Here are some features I like the most in this jogger. It has very spacious seats— which can fit kids up to 44 inches in height. Each seat offers a deep recline, a great truly upright position (something that toddlers like!), and excellent airflow. Large canopies have been revamped two years earlier and now have quiet magnetic peek-a-boo windows.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 has extremely spacious seats that can fit kids up to 44 inches. Like the single Flex, Duallie also has 16″ rear wheels and 12.5″ front wheels. BOB functions air-filled tires, which are suitable for rough terrain. The front-wheel locks forward, which are crucial when you are going over a harsh surface. When it swivels, it enhances the ability to move, which is useful during turning and going through tight spaces.

Thanks to an excellent shock absorber, your kid will enjoy a smooth trip and will not get bumped-around. The adjustable handlebar provides nine height setting, which is great for all-height parents.

To summarize, BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 is the very best double jogging stroller for big kids.

Just like the single version, this stroller has many positive reviews on The pros and cons are presented below.

  • Superb for tall and older children.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Easy to push, slides smoothly.
  • Flexible and adjustable handlebar.
  • Large canopy that offers a lot of space to grow for young kids.
  • Parking brake easy to use also in sandals as well as flip flops.
  • Easy to adjust recline.
  • Much less convenient if you utilize it for newborn and also toddler.
  • Might be challenging to lift and place it in the car trunk.
  • Accessories require to be bought separately.
  • One of the most expensive double strollers.

Kinderkraft Folding Tricycle AVEO – A stroller that kids love

👶 If you are looking for strollers that adapt to each stage of your child’s needs, this is a good option for its price.

Multi-use stroller for 5 year old

Kinderkraft Tricycle Aveo, stroller for 6 year old

This Kinderkraft AVEO folding tricycle can support up to 55 lbs and is suitable as a stroller for 5 years old kids. That is because your little one will be able to use it in 3 ways:

  • The child rests his or her feet on the footrest.
  • He pedals on the freewheel. Thanks to the freewheel, the child can pedal, and the chair’s handlebars allow you to correct their maneuvers.
  • He rides the tricycle alone.

Comfortable and safe stroller

It is a comfortable and safe stroller, thanks to the 3-point harness and the padded barrier.

It also has a folding footrest, which is an exciting option if the child does not yet reach the pedals or when he or she wants to rest.

Finally, it has a hood to protect the child from the sun.

If you thought that this was all, tell you that we have “fooled” you …

This chair has two exciting features:

  • The swivel seat can be oriented in the direction of travel or against travel. Keep in mind that this is not done with the child seated, but you have to remove the seat to change the position.
  • The rubber wheels provide good cushioning and are puncture resistant. Besides, it is equipped with two independent brakes.

Note that it has several accessories, such as a bag for small objects, two baskets (a large one behind the seat and a small one on the steering wheel), cup holders and a bell, which I’m sure your little one will like to ring.

Now yes. Finally, although it is not foldable like a regular stroller, the handlebar and hood can be easily removed and put on.

In short, it is a comfortable and functional tricycle that is driven first by the parents until the child can manipulate it by himself, adapting to his growth and allowing him to advance in his autonomy.

It should be on your list for the price if this is what you are looking for in a stroller.

  • Transformed into a regular tricycle with pedals by the child
  • Height-adjustable handlebar (93 cm- 108 cm)
  • Good value for money
  • Manageable
  • Somewhat scarce instructions
  • The seat is not reclining.

Kinderkraft ASTON Evolutionary Tricycle – Stroller alternative for older child

👶 If you need an evolutionary tricycle to accompany your child from 9 months to 5 years, holding up to 55 lbs, this one adapts well to each stage’s needs.

Evolutionary Tricycle for kids

First, with this evolutionary Aston Kinderkraft tricycle, you can steer it with the stroller’s handlebars, and then you can remove it and let it pedal by itself. But also:

Adjust handlebar height, seat position, and footrest!

Comfortable and safe strollerKinderkraft Triciclo Evolutivo, stroller for older children

One of the most comfortable and safe stroller

The 5-point harness and extra belt between the child’s legs keep him in a comfortable position and protect him from falling out of the tricycle.

It is also easy to remove the front bar when your child no longer needs it, which acts as additional protection along with the belt. But also:

It guarantees a safe stop thanks to the brakes on the rear wheels to immobilize the tricycle while you put the child in the seat or during a long visit.

The pedals on the front wheel can operate the bike or turn by merely locking them.

The window on the hood allows you to see what the child is doing without having to stop while you ride.

Space will not be an issue.

The tricycle has storage space to carry your things:

  • A bag with two pockets of a resistant material for small objects
  • A comprehensive basket so that you don’t have to carry the things you need during the ride.
  • Cup holder with easy access to carry the drink by hand.

In conclusion, it is a manageable stroller/tricycle that you will be able to use for a long time because it adapts to your child’s growth. When he is “older” and can go by himself, you can turn it into a tricycle and enjoy his progress.

It is worth the investment because you can get a lot from it!

  • Good value for money
  • Adjustable handlebar (103.5 cm – 108.5 cm)
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • It can be transformed into a tricycle.
  • The backrest is non-reclining
  • It is not foldable, but the handlebar and hood can be removed and put on.

💡 You may be interested:

The most notable difference between the two tricycles is that the Aston allows a greater regulation of the handlebars’ height (interesting for little parents), and its wheels are somewhat larger. Besides, its hardness is 3 points, while the Aveo has a 5 point harness, more suitable for early ages, as it provides excellent support. Finally, Aston has slightly smaller dimensions and weight.

Best Stroller for Big Kid – Buying guide

Your baby has grown and has new needs. At this stage, you will use the strollers or “lightweight strollers.”

Although many buggies can be used from the time your baby is born, as long as they allow the backrest to be fully reclined, you’ll start to get more from them when your little one begins to sit and walk freely.

Your budget

As you know, the market offers a wide variety of products with very different prices, but you set the limit.

To avoid “messing up,” it may be interesting to set your priorities (price, lightness, etc.) and set yourself an approximate budget before. In this way, you will be able to rule out those strollers that are very far from your expectations.

strollers for big kids up to 6 year old

It is also important to think about how you are going to use the buggies:

If you want it to last several years or be inherited by a younger sibling, you can invest a little more because it will be a paid-for stroller.

If you don’t plan to use it every day, maybe you are interested in something more fundamental that doesn’t suppose so much expense.

City or Country

What is your lifestyle? Choose strollers according to your needs.If you already know more or less what you want to invest in, you should now think about how you will use the stroller. Let’s look at the most critical aspects to consider.

Life in the city or the country?

Some strollers allow you to go comfortably over more irregular terrain than you can find in the city.

In this case, it is vital to choose strollers with large wheels and good cushioning. These are usually 3-wheeled chairs, which are more manageable and allow for better maneuverability when turning. The brakes are also generally better than pushchairs designed for urban areas, as they will not be as demanding.

Here, the Hauck Runner is very suitable, adapted to uneven terrain, and has good cushioning. You have to consider that these “off-road” strollers are a bit bigger and heavier, which is necessary for the performance they offer.

However, if you usually move around in urban areas, the Maclaren is a perfect option. They don’t have the big wheels, but they do have to cushion for a smooth ride.

The Safety

Most importantly, safety. In this sense, we are clear that we should not play games. We must choose a stroller that offers us a good guarantee in terms of safety. Let’s look at the most critical aspects:

  • Belt and harnesses: For the smallest babies, the good thing is 5 point harnesses, so that it goes well fastened. As it is usually incorporated at the stage from 3 years old, a belt will be sufficient, with a hook between the legs.
  • Brake and locking system: Usually, they are on the wheels and are operated with the foot; there are some strollers that the brake is on the handlebars.

In this case, the important thing is that you find it easy to activate and deactivate.

Size of the stroller

You should always ask yourself the following questions to make the right choice.

Maclaren Techno XLR, lightweight stroller for big kids

Do you have a small trunk?

Will the stroller fit in the elevator?

Will you have to hand-carry the pushchair?

In short, you have to think about whether it is better to opt for a compact stroller that makes it easy to maneuver daily or whether you have enough space, or whether this is not a problem for you. You must take care of your comfort because you will have to handle the stroller every day.

In the first case, the Maclaren chairs adapt well because they are very compact, and in the second case, the Hauck Runner is a chair that adapts to any terrain and is very robust, although it takes up more space.

Folding and easy handling

If you are a regular car rider, you will probably be interested in a stroller that folds easily and is light enough to get in and out of the trunk. If also, your trunk is small, you will want it to take up little space.

Above is perfectly fulfilled by the Maclaren chairs, which are very light and compact once folded.

The grip must be comfortable, that the wheels turn well and have to cushion, and that the handlebars are adjustable in height to carry the stroller with relaxed arms, and your back is not overloaded.

The elements of the strollers

Let’s look at them one by one to give them the importance they deserve.

The seat

The important thing is that it is comfortable for the child so that the walk is a cause of enjoyment, not discomfort. Therefore, you should know that:

A padded back is essential. It can be interesting to regulate its position and lie down it when it is tired, although from the 3 years it will no longer be so important since the naps in the stroller surely will be less habitual.

You may want the seat to be reversible; that is, the child can be facing forward and towards you while you walk so that it is easier to interact.

Seat orientation: Although it is common for children to face forward to discover the world when they are “older,” there are pushchairs that allow you to change the seat’s orientation; this is the case with the Kinderkraft evolutionary tricycles.

The option of the evolutionary tricycles, which are transformed into a tricycle pedaled only by the child as they gain autonomy, is fascinating. You will surely get a lot out of it, as it adapts to your child’s growth.

The handlebars

You must be comfortable to drive.

Depending on the handlebar type, you can find strollers with a horizontal bar or double handlebar.

For example, the MacLaren Quest arc and Hauck Runner strollers have a horizontal bar, making the cart easier to handle, especially with one hand.

A point not to be forgotten is the possibility of adjusting the height of the handlebar.

If you have a height within the average, you will probably be able to use the standard measures. But, if it is not your case or if you handle the chair with different heights, a point in your favor is the possibility of putting the handlebar at the height that best fits each one, allowing a comfortable ride and, incidentally, avoiding back and arm pain.

All the strollers that we have analyzed have adjustable handlebars in height.


We think that a good hood that protects the child from the sun is fundamental.

strollers for big kids over 55 lb

It may be important for you to check if the stroller has a rain bubble or if you have to buy it separately.

Another thing to consider is the space the stroller has to carry the child’s items. Indeed by now, you know that when you leave the house with children, you have to go well equipped. A right basket or a pocket to carry your things are essential.

It may be that the small details in the design make the chair a little more expensive, but they also make day-to-day life much more comfortable: a good hood, an adjustable handlebar, a basket for carrying objects, etc.

In short, the important thing is that you pay attention to what you think you will need in your day-to-day life, without forgetting your tastes and preferences when choosing.

That way you won’t spend too much money!

Big Kid Strollers Conclusion and Final Recommendations

Once we have seen the stroller models and the purchase guide, we would like to present you in a summarized way to answer some of the most frequent questions of the users so that the choice of the strollers you are looking for is more comfortable.

Cheap strollers up to 25 kg

Perhaps the chair with the best quality/price ratio is the Kinderkraft ASTON Evolutionary Tricycle because it offers you many features:

You can use it until your child is 5 years old (supports up to 55 lbs)

It is safe thanks to the 5-point harness, the belt, and the front bar.

It is handy and versatile, as we can convert it into a tricycle.

If you are looking for big kids strollers, we believe the Hauck Runner is a great choice for several reasons:

  • It holds up to 55 lb.
  • A robust but manageable pushchair.
  • Has a very spacious seat where the child can go comfortably.
  • Excellent value for money.

Baby strollers for children of 30 kg

In this case, perhaps one of the best options is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller, which stands out for its solid structure for big kids, although it is also light and compact.

This stroller can be used from birth and supports almost 30 kg, the recommended maximum weight being 28 kg, which is more than usual for any stroller.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, you can consult our guide on Which stroller to buy.

Lightweight strollers for big kids

If your child is large and looking for a stroller for children weighing 20 kg or more, but you want it to be manageable and lightweight, we do not doubt that the Maclaren Quest arc is the best choice.

Despite its lightness, with just over 6 kg, it supports up to 25 kg and is suitable for children even up to 6 years old. Besides being comfortable and safe, it resists years of use thanks to the quality of its materials.

Strollers for tall kids

If your child is tall, a better choice is the Maclaren Techno XLR stroller. Its back is 59 cm long, being the longest among the Maclaren’s strollers and measuring longer than most strollers.

This way, your kid’s head will not protrude from the seat and will be more comfortable.

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